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Insurers sue for health insurance subsidies

Insurers are suing the government to help them pay for health coverage.

The American Medical Association is joining them in the lawsuit. 

Insurers claim they’re being asked to contribute more than they were under the ACA, but the ACA does not require insurers to make those contributions. 

The group, the American Hospital Association, says the ACA provides for a new way for insurers to cover people who cannot get coverage through an employer or a Medicare program, but not by way of an individual or small group plan.

The AMA says the new system allows insurance companies to offer plans with no co-payments and minimal out-of-pocket costs. 

Under the new plan, they can provide plans with “a minimal out of pocket” and no co in-network costs for their enrollees.

The lawsuit says the plan would force insurers to either lower their premiums or cut benefits for those who don’t need them. 

For the average individual, the average deductible would be $2,000 in 2018, and for families it would be more like $7,000, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. 

It says that’s not enough to cover the average person’s medical costs, and that the plan doesn’t go far enough to prevent catastrophic illness or death. 

“The AMA opposes any attempt by the federal government to force individuals to pay more out of their own pocket,” the group said in a statement. 

 The lawsuit also claims the plan fails to cover pre-existing conditions, including those that are expensive and complex to treat.

“As part of the ACA’s essential health benefits, it provides health insurance to individuals who meet certain requirements,” the lawsuit said.

“Yet the AMA does not support the ACA providing health insurance for individuals who cannot afford to pay the premiums, deductibles, or co-pays that are mandated under the law. 

While it’s true that the individual mandate provides individuals with a choice, the AMA is concerned that the ACA doesn’t take that choice away. 

Health insurance plans can provide coverage to those who cannot pay premiums or deductibles and co-insurance for their health conditions.” 

The American Medical Society and the American Medical Student Association are also joining the suit, as is the American Public Health Association. 

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