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How to save yourself and your family money by using a tax credit

On January 12, 2018, President Trump signed an executive order creating a new tax credit for employers who offer health insurance to their workers.

The executive order is intended to make health insurance more affordable and available to all Americans.

It was originally written to help businesses in the health care sector reduce their costs and maintain their employees’ access to insurance coverage.

It also creates a tax deduction for businesses that provide insurance to employees and their families.

“It is my hope that by expanding the tax credit to employers, it will increase consumer choice and help small businesses expand their business and employees’ coverage,” Trump said in a statement.

“By expanding the credit to small businesses, we will help our economy grow and grow jobs.”

The president’s executive order, which was signed just a day before the start of the tax season, is known as the Affordable Care Act’s “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” or ACA.

Since its inception, it has helped millions of Americans afford coverage for the first time and provide healthcare for more than a million more Americans.

The ACA is currently set to expire on January 31.