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Why do you think the U.S. is getting worse?

What do you do when your job is threatened?

What are the implications of rising unemployment?

This week on the Next Big News, we’ll talk to several experts about what’s causing our unemployment rate to rise, what you can do about it, and what you should do about the problem.

We’ve got the same guest this week as we did last week, a professor from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

I hope you’ll join us this week for a conversation on the job market.

Joining us this time is a guest of the American Enterprise Institute.

He’s also the CEO of a health care company.

And we’ll discuss what you might need to know to protect your health care plan if you’re hit with a pay cut or are about to lose your job.

So, I want to welcome Professor Jonathan Gruber to the program.

Jonathan, welcome to the show.

Professor Jonathan Gruchter, thank you for joining us.JONATHAN GRUBER: Thank you for having me.

And thank you to all of you who joined us on this program.

It’s been a pleasure.

We’ve had a great time and I’m very excited to be back with you.

You’re going to hear me talk about the implications for the U and our economy of rising rates.

We’re going through a pretty serious crisis right now, and if rates rise in any way we’re going have to respond in kind.

We have to do it now or the economy is going to get worse.

So I’m glad you’ve been listening and we hope that you enjoyed this episode.

We’ll be back soon.