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When you don’t trust the insurance industry statisticians, you should start believing them

A new study suggests that the insurance business is a lot less trustworthy than you might think.

According to a report from the insurance company Accenture, about 90 percent of companies surveyed were unable to predict the future, and only 12 percent were able to provide accurate forecasts for the next 12 months.

The study also found that, when it comes to the insurance market, the industry is still trying to figure out what it wants and what it needs, and it’s a little more cautious than you’d expect.

In fact, the vast majority of the insurance companies surveyed didn’t expect the Affordable Care Act to be enacted until 2021.

Accenture said that the company expects the Affordable Health Care Act will be a “major driver” of business for years to come.

“We anticipate this law will continue to be a major driver of growth in the insurance and other financial services industry,” the company wrote in its report.

The report comes as more and more companies are starting to adopt the Affordable Healthcare Act’s consumer protections.

The law’s requirements, including protections for pre-existing conditions and access to the Medicaid health care system, have also helped drive business growth.

The most recent report from Experian found that the healthcare sector added more than 1.7 million jobs between 2015 and 2020, with the number of uninsured people increasing by 6.4 million in that time.

Accent and Experian are not the only two companies to have been able to predict exactly how the law would impact their industries.

Other studies have also shown that the Affordable Insurance Act has resulted in an increase in the number and size of companies that are insured.

“The number of insurance companies that can predict the health care costs is actually higher than we thought,” said Dr. William Reedy, a healthcare economist at the University of Chicago, in an interview with The Lad.

“I think that’s probably a good sign.

It means that people can do a lot better than they were before.”

Reedy told The Lad that the reason companies have been so confident in their predictions is because they are so dependent on one source of information: The insurance industry.

When insurance companies say they know the market better than any other company, they are essentially saying, “We can predict it better than anybody else,” he said.

The Affordable Health Act has also helped spur growth in medical devices, which has been one of the most-touted new technologies in the industry.

“This is one of those big, innovative industries that the industry has really taken on,” Reedy said.

The health care sector added a combined total of 539,000 jobs between 2014 and 2020.

Reedy added that the most recent Accenture study indicates that the market is ready for an even bigger explosion in the medical device industry.

The company believes that by 2020, the health and medical devices industries will create more than 300,000 new jobs.

The healthcare industry also is predicted to be one of four fastest growing industries in 2020, Reedy told the Lad.