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Five things to know about the $10 billion plan that will change Australia’s health system

FourFourSeconds ago, I wrote a post about the Abbott government’s new health insurance system, called the Essential Care Guarantee, or ACCG.

I argued that the ACCG is a plan for the Australian health system to become more competitive with the rest of the world, and that it is a way for the Coalition to deliver on its promise to cut Medicare and Medicaid spending by $10bn over four years.

The ACCG provides a simple, straightforward way to cut the number of doctors and hospital beds.

It is a “single payer” system, which means that every person who needs health care needs it.

This means that there are fewer doctors and hospitals, so it costs less to treat people.

There are no “diversions” from the primary care system, so you can spend your money on more important things.

And the ACCg does not impose caps on doctors, so people who need treatment for a variety of conditions can be seen and treated at the same time.

So the health system doesn’t suffer from a shortage of doctors.

As part of the ACCgrant, the Coalition will fund $10.5 billion over four fiscal years to build more than 800 additional community health centres.

These centres will be located in remote areas, where access to health care is limited.

I’m pleased to report that the Coalition has secured $10 bn of the $15 billion to build these new centres.

But this is only part of their $15 bn in funding to address the health care shortage.

They are also funding $3.5 bn to expand community health services across Australia, such as mental health and addiction services, as well as more intensive services such as acute care and rehabilitation.

In addition, the Abbott Government is funding $7.8 billion over three years to improve access to home and community-based primary health services.

It is funding this in part to support “community health systems” such as hospitals and GP surgeries, which are critical for the health of the whole community.

The Abbott Government also supports “emergency services”, which are also essential for the survival of the health and welfare of the Australian community.

So the ACCGs “competitiveness” is a very good thing.

But it is not enough.

We know that the Abbott Health Program will have no impact on the cost of care, and it will have little impact on access to affordable, quality, and effective care.

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