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Why does the Irish economy need a health insurance system?

The Irish economy needs a system to deal with the potential consequences of a health system in meltdown, said the head of the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Dr Brendan O’Sullivan said the health insurance market in Ireland had to be restructured and a single insurance company is needed.

“It would be more efficient to have a single insurer that provides coverage for the whole of the population, but that is not an option.”

It is going to have to be something like the US and European countries, where there is a single market.

The insurance market has been badly fragmented and fragmented over the past 10 to 15 years.

“The Institute of Economics said the Government should also look at a system of universal health insurance.”

Universal health insurance is the answer to the problems of the health system, including high rates of hospital admissions and cost increases for patients,” Dr O’Sullivans said.”

The best way to reduce the costs of care for patients in the longer term is for the system to be re-organised, so that everyone is guaranteed coverage.

“Dr O’Connell said the Irish Government was looking at the best way of funding this system and the Government needed to work with the private sector.”

We need to think about how we can create a single national insurance system, which would have to provide for universal health coverage for all,” he said.