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How to make sure you’re covered when you get hit with a health care bill


Make sure you have enough money in your checking account 2.

Keep track of your expenses to make them look bad when they do happen 3.

If your insurer charges you for an emergency, contact your insurer immediately if you need help with coverage 4.

Check your claims history and take action if you think your insurer has violated the law 5.

Ask your insurance company if they offer you a lower rate 6.

Call a representative from your insurance carrier and ask if they can help you get a lower premium.


Don’t wait to call your insurance representative to make an appointment or to get help with your plan.


Get your insurance agent’s contact information so you can contact them if you have questions about the coverage you’re on. 9.

If you’re not sure if your insurer is covered, you can check to see if it’s offering coverage.


If it’s too expensive, you may be able to negotiate a lower price with your insurer.


Ask if your insurance policy covers maternity care.

If so, you should contact your health care provider and ask for information about the plan.


If there’s an emergency and you’re sick, call your insurer and ask them to take care of you.


You can ask for help with the cost of an emergency plan if you’re a young person and need assistance paying for medical bills.


Ask a health plan if it will pay for a prescription or if it can provide you with a plan.


If the plan charges more for a medical procedure than it charges you, make sure your doctor agrees to pay the cost.


Ask to see your health plan’s plan administrator to get an estimate of your medical expenses.


Contact your local insurance office and make sure the health plan covers your out-of-pocket expenses.