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Why do we need to pay more to insure ourselves?

The federal government has confirmed the Liberals’ proposed changes to the health insurance system, including plans to scrap the Medicare Advantage plan for Canadians, a policy that the Conservatives have been pushing to change since they took power.

The Liberals also want to change the rules governing how doctors are paid, with a new cap of $50,000 on payments for medical services that take place outside of Canada.

The proposed changes were announced Friday and come after the government introduced a bill to eliminate the provincial medical assistance program that supports people with disabilities.

In its own statement Friday, the government acknowledged it has been working with stakeholders in the health-care industry on the changes.

“We are committed to working with the provinces and territories to ensure that we have the best and fairest health-insurance system possible for Canadians,” the statement said.

The government has said the changes are aimed at protecting the integrity of the system, and it has set a goal of eliminating the provincial funding gap by 2024.

While it will no longer have any funding gaps that it can use to buy insurance, the federal government will continue to pay the provinces to cover the costs of administering the plan.

A spokesman for Health Minister Jane Philpott said the government has been consulting with stakeholders.

Pelosi told reporters Friday the government is still in talks with the medical community and health experts.

We will continue consulting and working with provinces and territorial governments,” she said.

Premier Kathleen Wynne, who is also the federal minister for health, said the Liberals will continue working with all stakeholders on the plan, including the provinces, and that she’s confident it will be the right choice.

I am confident that the changes that we’re making today will protect Canadians from having to choose between getting their medical care and paying their premiums.

As we’ve said from the beginning, the Liberal government is committed to ensuring that all Canadians get access to affordable health insurance, including for the very people who most need it, like those with pre-existing conditions and seniors, according to the statement.

It’s an important step in the right direction, Wynne said.