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What if the ACA isn’t repealed? | ABC News

A repeal of the ACA would have serious implications for the insurance industry, analysts say.

The repeal of ObamaCare, which was passed in 2010, has been hailed as the most comprehensive health reform since the Great Depression.

It was the signature achievement of President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

But analysts say it’s not going to happen.

The president is expected to announce his replacement for ObamaCare in the coming weeks.

So far, no other major party presidential candidate has announced their own replacement plan.

And none of them has said how they’d pay for it.

The Republican Party is opposed to repeal.

Some Republican lawmakers are also opposed to it.

“This is a long shot, and I think the political cost of the Republican Party being unwilling to do this is very significant,” said Stephen Moore, a political scientist at the University of Georgia.