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U.S. economy continues strong despite latest healthcare costs and budget cuts,but jobs numbers are down


— The U.N. body overseeing global health, which monitors health-care costs around the world, said on Tuesday that its latest report showed the United States continued to be the world’s leading health care consumer despite rising health care costs and a $2.3 trillion budget deficit.

The International Monetary Fund said the U.K. and France are now the world leaders in the use of medical technology.

U.S.-based health insurance giant Anthem Inc. said in a quarterly earnings report that it added 12,000 jobs in the third quarter, more than double the same quarter last year.

The company reported that its average cost of providing health insurance for the previous year rose to $9.30 a person from $5.20.

The average increase in cost was driven by a $1.8 billion increase in annual premiums for people over 65.

The company reported a 13% jump in its quarterly profit.

Anthem said its business rose 11% to $7.15 billion.

The shares rose more than 5% in after-hours trading.

The U,A, and T rankings by U.

Ns health care spending, health care jobs and overall health are up in the latest data.

The index is a measure of health care expenditures.

The United States ranked No. 3 in the UNSD and No. 9 in the World Health Organization’s rankings.