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How to find a great insurance company

Insurance companies are trying to get more people to buy insurance on the federal exchange, but a study shows that they’re often less than they advertise.

In fact, insurance companies have been so aggressive they’ve made misleading claims about what they pay.

The National Geographic report, “The Big Lie,” details how insurance companies lie to customers.

Read more about the study: Insurance companies have a reputation for being good at getting you to buy their policies, but there’s little evidence that they are.

That’s why researchers at the University of Washington recently ran the numbers on what insurers were paying for the coverage they offered in the Obamacare marketplace.

What they found was that for most of the coverage advertised, insurers charged an average of $5.10 per person per year, which included out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles.

On average, that’s a bit more than twice what insurers charged for the same coverage offered by HealthCare.gov.

Here’s what they found.

Out-of and in-pocket health insurance Premiums for individual plans (2015 dollars) Out- of pocket expenses Premiums in 2019 (2016 dollars) Deductibles in 2019 out- of-pocket out-pocket premiums ($) $5,945,932,849 $542,834,898 $3,095,981,921,821,744,907,941,938 $531,924,878 $517,836,931,857,913,923,828,944,986,846,982,853,865,928,835,832,918,742,927,908,856,743,826,879,929,831,825,842,901,926,901 $819,933,974,919,813,827,812,848,811,854,839,852,823,903,822,837,947,946,942,893,824,935,934,936,819 $1,766,988,716,869,818,847,816,820,859,845,844,838,841,843,860,868,862,863,872,877,912,922,904,937,905,895,906,814,874,851,876,901.

Premiums are also misleading in a number of ways, including the fact that the average cost per month for plans with a deductible is about $300, compared with an average cost of about $2,200 for plans without a deductible.

That means people may have to pay much more for the plan they are signing up for.

And for people who have deductibles that are high enough to affect their ability to afford premiums, they may not be able to afford them.

This is a key concern of those who don’t like the way insurers are offering their plans.

“There is a lot of confusion about what to expect from insurers,” said David Cutler, a research scientist at the National Center for Health Statistics.

“And that is really important for people, because people are very, very concerned about being able to get their coverage.”

Cutler and his colleagues created an interactive dashboard to help people see how much they’re paying for insurance.

The dashboard included the average annual out-in-pocket costs of the plans they studied, including deductibles, and then they provided a simple price comparison to the average premiums offered by plans offered on HealthCare:gov.

In addition, the team looked at the cost of an average deductible of $500 per year for plans that didn’t have deductives, or the cost for a $5 million deductible, for plans offered in 2019.

Here is how the price of the cheapest plan looked in 2019: The chart below shows the average out-out-of pocket costs of all the plans offered by the three major insurers, and how much it would cost you to get insurance with deductibles of $100,000 per year.

The chart shows the cost to get an average deductibles for a family of four, and the cost per year if you were able to sign up for that coverage: This chart shows how the cost would be to get the cheapest, least expensive plan available today.

Cutler’s team found that the cost varies greatly by state.

For example, a Blue Cross plan in Arizona had the lowest out-costs of any plan offered, at $4,100 per year per person.

However, that same plan would cost about $10,000 to sign-up in California.

Cutler said that it is possible that the difference between Blue Cross and Blue