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A look at the latest health insurance claims data from the United States for the month of September 2018

India has seen its monthly number of insurance claims fall by over 60% from the previous month, but the number of insured individuals remains stable.

The monthly numbers were released by the Insurance Corporation of India (ICI) on Monday.

The monthly data was collected on September 10, 2018, and the data shows that of the 7.3 crore people insured in the country, 6.9 crore were covered by health insurance.

The data also revealed that of those covered by insurance, the average premium paid per individual for a year was Rs.2,06,532.

The total number of registered enrollees is 5.8 crore and the number is increasing every month.

The figures show that the rate of increase is expected to slow down in the coming months.

“The total monthly number will reach 5.9 lakh by March 2019, and will then fall to 4.2 lakh by the end of the fiscal year of 2019-20,” the report said.

The latest data also shows that the number covered by individual policies is projected to increase to over 9.2 crore by March 2018, which would mark the second year of coverage expansion.

“The rate of coverage growth is expected in the near future, and at around 4 lakh in March 2019,” the statement added.

The number of beneficiaries is expected at around 5.5 crore by the March 2019 quarter.