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Why the headhunter industry is a hit in America

With the election of President Donald Trump, it’s become more difficult for big insurers to avoid a health insurance bust.

In the US, more than 30% of the nation’s health insurance marketplaces have closed and insurers have been forced to negotiate lower premiums or withdraw from the market altogether.

But that’s not the only way they’re being hurt.

Many of the headhunters who have lost out to the big three insurers are in the same position as their rivals: struggling to make ends meet and unable to pay the bills that keep them afloat.

One such company is HealthCare.com.

A small company with a reputation for good customer service, it was founded in 2000 and was bought by US health giant Aetna for $25bn (£20.6bn) in September.

But despite its small size, it has been one of the fastest growing US health insurers.

The company has raised nearly $6bn (£4.3bn) from investors in recent years and has more than doubled its staff since 2009.

Its stock has soared from just $2.50 to more than $14 an share in the past six months, making it one of America’s biggest employers.

What makes the company so popular?

There are two things that make HealthCare, one of three US health insurance companies, so popular.

One is its high quality and the other is its price.

“I think one of its most exciting things is the level of care,” says Andrew Condon, who founded the company in 2011.

“The quality is phenomenal, the value is phenomenal.”

In addition to its great healthcare, HealthCare has a very high quality of care.

“It’s really hard to beat,” says Condon.

“If you don’t have a high quality healthcare team you’re going to have a lot of people saying, ‘I don’t want to go there anymore’.” He says that this is not an accident.

“You have to have great quality and a lot, and we have that.”

HealthCare’s customer service is second to none.

“Our customer service people are phenomenal,” says CEO Scott Fiedler.

“They are so kind, they are really professional and they are always listening.

You can’t ask for more.”

Fiedlers main concern is that the health care industry is becoming too expensive.

“We have seen a lot in recent months, like the fact that the cost of health care is spiralling out of control,” he says.

“A lot of this is due to the high costs of medical equipment and the prescription drug costs, but we also have the high cost of living in the country.”

Health care costs have gone up in the US because people are not getting the best care.

According to a 2016 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US spends more on health care than any other country on earth, with the average American paying about $15,000 a year for medical care.

It’s hard to find good, affordable healthcare in America these days.

While some of the big insurers are trying to bring down costs, others have not been able to find ways to keep up with demand.

“What I can tell you is that if you have a plan in place, you are in good shape,” says Fiedels co-founder Mark Mathers.

“That’s the case for a lot to a lot more people.”

The other big difference between HealthCare and its competitors is that it’s a great value.

“HealthCare has built a business model on providing exceptional customer service,” says Mather.

“As a small business we believe that the best way to be successful is to offer excellent value.”

What makes HealthCare so successful?

There’s an entire industry in the United States that uses its services to find and retain people.

It works on a similar model to the one that HealthCare does, but instead of being a healthcare provider, it is a health care marketing company.

This is where health insurers advertise their products and services to people and the business model is based around the people who buy their products.

The big three insurance companies also use this model, but they are often much less profitable.

They are able to advertise their services on a much smaller scale than HealthCare because they are much less likely to be found in large retailers and online shopping sites.

“There is a lot less competition than there used to be in the marketplace,” says Mike Toner, a senior vice president at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

“But that doesn’t mean the competition is great.

There’s still plenty of competition out there.”

That means the company has been able sell its products at an affordable price.

The only reason it is not profitable is because it has taken so long to get the brand off the ground.

“To be a great brand, you have to be very well-known,” says Toner.

“In the US today, you can’t go to any of the other large insurers and say, ‘We want to offer