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When will Trump take action on health care?

In an interview with The Hill, President Donald Trump said he’ll take action “in a couple of months” to improve health care coverage in the United States.

Trump told The Hill that he’ll unveil a plan “in two or three months” that will address “insurance companies” who are refusing to cover people who are sick.

“They’re not paying, and they’re not taking care of everybody,” Trump said.

“They’re making it very difficult for everybody to get coverage.

That’s not right.

They’re making us less competitive.”

Trump also said that he will make a decision on the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in “a couple of weeks.”

The ACA is the cornerstone of Trump’s health care legacy.

The president also said he is “really interested” in making changes to Medicaid.

He said he “can’t tell you” if he’ll change the program, but that he would “love” to see the program expand.

Trump also told The New York Times that he has “no idea” what to do about the opioid crisis.

“We’re going to have to be smarter than that,” Trump told The Times.

He said the opioid epidemic is the “greatest threat” to the nation.

“I don’t know what the answer is,” Trump added.

“We have to have more smart people than stupid people.”

Trump’s executive order, which was signed Friday, is aimed at easing restrictions on insurance companies that refused to cover sick people.

It bars them from forcing people to buy insurance that’s not covered by the ACA or from charging them more than they need to cover the costs of treatment.

It also gives states flexibility to allow insurers to charge sick people more.

In his interview with the Times, Trump said that the new plan will give states flexibility in how they regulate insurers.

He also said the plan will not affect the ACA’s subsidies that help low-income people afford coverage.

“The people who can afford insurance right now don’t need to worry about it,” Trump explained.

“It’s a very simple plan.”

He also said his order “does not impose any new or different requirements on people to purchase coverage.”

Trump said his new plan “doesn’t have to do anything different from what’s been done before” and that he wants to “leave it at that.”

He added, “It’ll be easy to make changes in a way that it’s easy to enforce.”