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How to find a great auto insurance agent

Auto insurance agent Steve Wirth says the “real difference” is getting to know the clients.

That’s why he’s looking for the right people.

“When you’re interviewing, you want to get to know them better, you need to understand their lives, you’re going to want to understand what they do, what their motivations are,” Wirth said.

“You want to learn about them.

You want to see how they get along, how they live their lives.”

Wirth started out as a salesperson at a car dealership, but he quickly became involved in insurance and insurance agent jobs.

“It was a great career,” Withers said.

“I’m very good at it,” he said.

The auto industry has undergone major shifts in recent years, including rising rates, more expensive cars and a drop in sales.

It’s no surprise that people are searching for better options, especially when it comes to auto insurance.

A recent study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau showed that more than half of consumers surveyed said they were unhappy with their coverage.

And, according to a recent study published by The Atlantic, a whopping 62 percent of Americans are less than satisfied with the coverage they receive from their insurer.

Some people say they prefer to use a third-party agent because they want to be 100 percent confident that they’re getting the best deal.

But, according, some experts say the risk of losing money is worth the reward of better service.

And, for the most part, auto insurance agents are paid well.

According to an analysis by AAA, agents earned an average of $80,000 in 2016, which is about 25 percent more than their counterparts in the traditional auto industry.

Wirth credits his employer for keeping him well paid.

“They pay me well, and it’s very rewarding,” Wires said.

A typical agent’s hours vary, but generally they work from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday, according the National Association of Insurance Agents.

The average agent earns $20,000 per year, with bonuses paid in some cases.

According to the American Association of Self-Insurers, an industry association, the average agent pays an average annual salary of $71,500, or $70,000 for full-time, full-year workers.

The median agent’s salary was $55,400, according a 2016 study by consulting firm Ernst & Young.

The average agent’s income varies by industry.

Insurance agents earn an average $62,500 in the insurance and reinsurance industries, and the highest-paid are insurance agents, who earned $89,000, according an Ernst & Day study.

The lowest-paid agents earn $51,400.